How It Works

Elephant Wings is a personal chef experience for small dinner parties ranging from eight to twelve guests, serving homestyle Indian cooking.

What's the difference between a personal chef experience and a caterer?

We cook in your kitchen. We bring it all*, prepare it fresh, serve your guests, and share stories and fun facts about the dishes (or stay behind the scenes, whatever you prefer).

We collaborate with you in advance on a menu, ensuring that the minds and palettes of your guests will be blown away. Our dinners range between four and five courses, and balance the needs of vegetarians and carnivores alike.

While we do not provide adult beverages, we are happy to work with our mixologist partners to create a signature cocktail of the evening or to suggest the ideal wine pairing for your menu.

Bookings are recommended at least three weeks in advance. There is a $100 fee at the time of your reservation, which goes towards the cost of your dining experience. One loses their deposit if the dinner is cancelled 5 days before the date.

Plate pricing varies based on menu creation and number of guests, but the typical fare is $80 per person (gratuity not included).

*Food, music, linens, dishes, flatware and a few surprises. We clean up as well, leaving you to truly enjoy being the host.